Would Ethereum Surpass Bitcoin in 2018?

Ethereum is one of the most important virtual currencies in the market and it has reached a new important and interesting milestone. According to the numbers shown by Etherscan, there are now 35 million unique ETH addresses. In this way, Ethereum has passed Bitcoin (BTC) which apparently has over 25 million unique addresses.
Ethereum Reaches 35 Million Unique Addresses
Ethereum is an important blockchain platform that allows individuals and interested parties to run their own decentralized applications (dApps). Apparently, the network has reached more than 35 million unique addresses registered.
It is important to mark that it does not mean that there are 35 million users using the platform. But instead, that there are different addresses that are being used by exchanges, companies, projects and developers. Which is something that we could expect.
Ethereum is not like Bitcoin, there are man different things that Bitcoin developers are not able to do in BTC’s network. Both currencies have different functionalities as well. Ethereum can be used to run smart contracts, build dApps and many other things.
At the same time Ethereum has also surpassed Bitcoin in the number of active addresses. During the last year, Bitcoin registered an increase in the number of active addresses (which peaked in December 2017) but since then it has been slowly decreasing. Ethereum was able to surpass bitcoin in this field at the beginning of January (when Ethereum was traded near its all time high), and at the beginning of May.

These are great news for Ethereum’s community because it shows that its network is being used and embraced. Of course, it does not mean that Ethereum could soon take Bitcoin’s place, but instead it allows us to see that there are great use cases in Ethereum in general.
At the moment of writing this article, Ether is the second most important virtual currency by market capitalization, just after Bitcoin. At the moment each ETH can be bought for $590 dollars and Ethereum has a market cap of $59 billion dollars. Bitcoin, instead, can be bought for $7,600 dollars and has a market capitalization of $130 billion dollars.
By Carlos Terenzi
Source: Coinpower News
Original Post: Would Ethereum Surpass Bitcoin in 2018?

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