A Bull Run Might Be Initiated By $10 Billion In Sudden Institutional Investments

One theory that suggests the markets are in line for another market surge, greater than that experienced in December 2017 and January 2018 comes from the increasing inquisition into cryptocurrencies. Driven by popularity, experts predict that more and more institutional investors will want a piece of the action, a slice of the crypto-cake. As more and more cryptocurrencies enter the mainstream, and build partnerships with the likes of Santander, PwC, Goldman Sachs et al. big, wall street and city-based investors are bound to start getting involved. Once thing that is certain amongst these sorts of investors is that overall, they like to deal in very large-scale investments. They aren’t going to go in with a couple of thousand dollars, rather, when they choose to invest, we can expect many deposits to come in the Millions of dollars.

Crypto Patrick of YouTube, has recently uploaded a video in which they discuss this idea of institutional investment, racking up to a potential $10 Billion boost to the market. See the full video for yourself, here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcY-NEJe3vk

What Crypto Patrick is saying here is indeed possible, this sort of investment could come in from Wall Street groups (for example), but, how can we ensure the markets can attract such high figures in the first place?

Well, we have to look at the smaller companies that are already onboard the blockchain train. When we talk about partnership announcements, often they seem pretty insignificant, yet, the bigger picture always needs to be considered. If companies like MoneyGram, Walmart, Santander, PwC, Facebook etc all start to see success within blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, it becomes far easier to convince huge investors to let go of their money. Once one investor jumps in, many more will follow suit through FOMO (fear of missing out). In order to stay ahead of the rest, new investors will then try and out-do their rivals and begin to invest more. The more investment we see, the kinder the markets will reach.

Essentially, the pursuit towards mainstream adoption could very well initiate a chain reaction, that could see investment levels reaching as high as $10 Billion, if this is the case, the bull run in the wake of this, would be quite simply huge.

This is based upon speculation and of course, relies on a perfect climate and a number of ideal situations. Overall though, this could happen. That’s the important thing to take away from this.


By Nathan Bentley

Source: Coinpower News
Original Post: A Bull Run Might Be Initiated By Billion In Sudden Institutional Investments

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