Leonardo Render Set to Decentralize CGI Rendering

CGI industry newcomer Leonardo Render as single-handedly and audaciously solved a previously unsolvable issue – one that has plagued graphical rendering since its inception; debilitatingly slow render speeds.

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The Problem

CGI, or Computer Generated Imagery, is the technology that transformed visual special effects in recent years. It is used in a range of specialties, including videography, graphic design, VR, gaming, marketing, and a multitude of other creative fields. This $150 billion dollar industry has changed the face of visual effects. However, the GPUs (Graphical Processing Units) required to increase rendering speeds to real-time levels to enable CGI involve a prohibitive amount of both hardware and energy to maintain. Currently, a single still image can take up to 24 hours to render under normal power and system capacity. Videos often render at less than one second per month.

The Solution

Leonardo Render took this big, expensive problem and they not only solved it, but they also conceived and perfected a symbiotic relationship between CGI users and GPU providers. As a result of this relationship, GPU providers, whose previously integral role in blockchain mining has been recently usurped by ASICs chips, turn their considerable infrastructure and resources toward CGI rendering. The power available from blockchain turned CGI miners has enabled an exponential increase in rendering speeds.

Jobs that previously rendered in 24 hours now take place in minutes, and it happens in real time. Best of all for artists and other CGI users, their final product, which was previously being held up by slow rendering speed and often completed just under the wire, is now available for a comprehensive review and editing process. Due to time constraints, this was previously not an option.

According to Leonardo Render Founder and CEO Marco Iodice “Leonardo Render will empower the creators in the CG industry. Speeding up the rendering process will tremendously improve the final output, allowing creators to review multiple times their work and hit deadlines without worrying about their render time’’.

The Specifics

How does Leonardo Render deliver these near real-time render speeds? They used a cost-effective, decentralized blockchain-based solution. Utilizing the blockchain, they are able to deliver enterprise level, cloud-based rendering software at affordable rates, which are staked by their LEOS token. The blockchain platform, combined with Leonardo’s partnerships with GPU mining farms, also offers the following advantages:

The Launch

Leonardo Render spent several years quietly honing their technology and workflow. The official launch and private sale announcement took place at the World Blockchain Forum in April 2018. It was timely on both the blockchain and CGI sides.

Leonardo CEO Marco Iodice, whose creative genius spans everything from musical engineering and composing, to visual 3D modeling and VR animation, all with an underlying entrepreneurial vision, spoke on the main stage regarding the win-win structural brilliance of Leonardo Render.

Regarding the timing and potential of the Leonardo Render platform, Iodice states, “We’re entering the market at the ideal time. The prior-to-now dominant GPU crypto miners are freshly superseded by new mining-dedicated ASIC chips. Leonardo Render offers huge opportunities to the players at both ends of the rendering equation — the image creator and the miner. The CGI industry is expected to bloom into a $150 billion industry in the next two years, and for GPU crypto miners the potential earnings from rendering CGI versus mining Ethereum is an improvement of 1,752 percent. It’s an upside that really speaks to the outstanding opportunity of this technology.”


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