500-year-old Forest Protected by Native Americans Accepts Litecoin Donations

According to a Reddit thread, NDPonics, a non-government organization located in West-central Virginia is currently accepting “decentralized currency donations” to build sovereignty among tribal land conservation, renewable energy installation, energy efficiency and enable tribal food production.

Their mission is to undergo a variety of projects that involve strengthening the energy and independence of the Monacan Indian Nation and preserve traditional Monacan homelands.

NDPonics is also focussed on protecting the old growth forests and reclaim land to support permaculture, the development of a sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural ecosystem. The non-government organization has a Litecoin barcode ID for their website for those who wish to donate via cryptocurrencies.

The online cryptocurrency community has expressed great interest toward this project. Reddit user BTCMONSTER  stated that “OMG, this is legitimately the best news I’ve ever heard,” with user fineant commenting “(smile) few people know the value of old growth forests. They are a haven for a variety of flora and fauna. Strength in diversity of species.”

NDPonics Purchasing Addition Acre of Pre-Columbian Forest to Stop Logging

The non-government organization currently has a Kickstarter project with the goal to raise $2,000 to purchase an additional acre to stop the logging of Pre-Columbian Forest that borders the Monacan Indian Traditional Wild Foods Lands.

The Kickstarter campaign mentioned that “to our South, the forest has been eaten away, exploited for years by a logging company, all but ten acres, which borders these protected lands.” The NDPonics organization had previously launched a Kickstarter that nearly raised $7,000 from many contributors around the world.”

On May 30, 2018, the organization recently placed an update that stated that they are the “World’s first cryptoforest,” as they would accept cryptocurrency donations. Swamp Dog, the organizer of the Kickstarter project, mentioned that he received 100,000 Tron Coin and 0.33 litecoin in their first efforts when they approached the cryptocurrency community.

Swamp Dog also mentioned that he is also working with a developer who is donating her time to make “this project super transparency, super productive, and to make this project a reality. We are getting there community people!! You all are making this happen!!!”

So far, the “Old Growth American Indian Woodland Culture Project” has raised $865 from their $2,000 goal. They currently have 15 backers and 11 days left to reach their goal.

Cryptocurrencies for Charitable Purposes

The acceptance of litecoin by NDPonics is part of a growing trend of the use of cryptocurrencies for charitable acts. Recently Ashton Kutcher represented the Ripple team on Ellen’s talk show to donate $4 million worth of ripple tokens to Ellen’s wildlife charity. The Ripple Team have also given $29 million to fund school supplies to students in public schools.

UNICEF has also used cryptocurrency mining to improve charity efforts. Instead of donating money or cryptocurrencies, UNICEF allows anyone with a computer to donate part of their computing power to mine cryptocurrencies for the charity.

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