Sapien Beta Launches With Vibrant Features and Communities

Sapien reached yet another huge milestone for the project. After just a few weeks of closing their token sale, the Team was excited to announce the launch of the Beta platform to the Sapien community on April 30, 2018.

Powered by an ERC20 compliant utility token, SPN is the backbone of Sapien’s tokenized, reputation-based economy and will be used to share ad revenue and reward content creators using an innovative Proof-of-Value protocol. Currently, access to the Beta platform is reserved exclusively for Sapien’s early adopters that participated in the presale. However, upon the upcoming unlock of the SPN token, the general public will also gain access to the platform.

Initial Launch Stats

Since the launch of the Beta, there has been a large influx of users and activity on the platform. A few significant statistics at the time of this writing:

Exciting discussions are already occurring on the platform and great original content is being created by the community. From cryptocurrency news, to reviews of electric cars, to smoothie making instructions, users can already enjoy an eclectic palate of content options, discussions, and more. As the Sapien Community continues to grow, these topics promise to become even more diverse and valuable.


This version of the Sapien platform contains numerous features that make it a fully functional product. Users can create posts, groups, and branches, and are able to chat with other members of the Sapien platform. A graphic depicting all the available Beta features is shown below:

These features only scratch the surface of the many functions the Sapien Team is looking to implement. The Team is incredibly excited to share this monumental release with the community and is eager to hear your feedback. Already, Users have been working with Sapien developers to further refine and improve the platform. This kind of positive collaboration is what makes the Sapien Community so exceptional.

Join The Sapien Community

You can stay updated with their project by joining the Sapien Telegram group at For more information visit their website.

Images courtesy of Sapien

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