Personal Care Made Accessible to All at a Global Level with FlyCare

Personalized care, a dream of every person. Whether it be a medical care or a pedicure, it is expensive and few can afford the luxury. FlyCare is a decentralized organization that intends to change all of this.

Wellbeing is a top priority for most of the world’s population. From something very basic and necessary such as care from medical professionals to the indulging pedicure, to feel good, and healthy, is a basic right of all. FlyCare, using the power of blockchain technology, ensures that this right is given in an affordable and available manner.

Chiropractor in the Morning, Dentist at Noon

Today, the medical and care industry is plagued by inefficiencies. Long queues, inefficient management systems and overall slow adaptation to technology make it a tedious task to go to a health professional for a medical checkup or something more strenuous.

The best of industry professionals work within the private homecare model since it gives more revenue, make it difficult to secure good service outside of the higher price bracket. FlyCare solves this by offering an “at home” service for all medical and health-related issues. The platform aims to overcome the many obstacles encountered by these professionals whilst carrying out important work.

Use of blockchain technology makes the services cheaper since there are no intermediaries and other non-essential commissions. This benefits both service providers and users since providers earn more and users get access to quality health services at a cheaper rate.

How does flyCare Work?

The workings of flyCare are very simple. Users can access a complete list of professionals who offer their services from the comfort of their home through the dedicated app. After the users have selected their required service and professional, they can sit back and relax, and wait for the professional to show up.

Medical staff are given access to another version of the app, where they have their complete profile, location and service charges listed. If they are selected by a user, they simply go over to the user’s preferred location and deliver their services.

Another aspect of flyCare is that they have developed service providers which provide a complete box, containing all the crucial equipment and tools the professionals need to render their services. So, even if the professional needs to fly out to another location, he or she does not need to carry instruments of trade. They will be provided through the flyBox.

FCC: the Healthy Token

The platform uses its own token for monetization of services, called the FCC. The token will allow instant payment of services rendered, directly, without the need of banks or intermediaries. The token sale started its first stage on May 14thand will end on the 28th. This stage carries a discount of 20% and is seeing 32,500,000 FCC up for sale. Excluding bonuses, the FCC tokens are available at a rate of 3225 FCC per ETH.

With flyCare, affordable healthcare is now available for everyone, anywhere.

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