Keplertek’s Pre-Sale Is Now Live!

While landing on the moon, Neil Armstrong said, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Now, it’s time to go beyond the moon and take humanity to next level. 

The Future is Here

Every investment in Keplertek is one small step for man, today, and one giant leap for mankind, tomorrow. Yes, this is a chance to accelerate and usher in a revolutionary future — one which humanity will never forget.

Keplertek’s Pre-sale is up and running, and things are looking amazing.

Over the first 24 hours, Keplertek raised over 1.14 million USD. As the amount of tokens up for sale during the pre-sale is limited to only five million tokens, the chance to contribute is getting smaller and smaller every day.

The 30 percent bonus applied to all purchases during pre-sale makes this event even more profitable and ensures early investors are well-compensated for their loyalty. The minimum investment is approximately 0.2 ETH (depending on current market conditions) with no maximum investment amount being set — making this the right time for investors to take a strong position.

After having raised over 2.7 million USD in the Community Building Stage and garnered over 5000 potential platform users, 150 R&D members, and advisors of the highest caliber, Keplertek wants to transform the amazing potential of many innovative projects into meaningful change — thereby opening the horizon for new investment opportunities into a high-tech new world. This goes hand-in-hand with a technologically advanced future for all of us, and society as a whole could greatly benefit from the numerous ideas that can be realized via the Kepler Universe.

The Kepler Universe

At the center of the ICO project is Kepler Universe, a platform with the goal of connecting investors, innovators, producers, and customers in order to let them work together on interesting projects and ideas — many of which could otherwise never be realized due to a lack of funding or experience.

All settlements in the ecosystem will be conducted in KEP and make it possible for holders to purchase robots and licenses, as well as subscription services for artificial intelligence. KEP tokens are valued at 1.25 USD each and will hit major exchanges immediately after the ICO completes.

By investing in Kepler, people are also investing in hundreds of promising start-up companies around the world — all focused on upgrading our innovative technologies — as well as thousands of young and hard-working professionals who embody their talents and benefit our common goals.

Join the pre-sale now and do your part in moving civilization towards a limitless future!


Keplertek is also offering an Extra Bonus (on top of 30 percent on all purchases), which is the company’s way of thanking the community for offering support and spreading the word about Keplertek and its potential. The bonus is as follows:

The time has come to invest in a limitless future! For more information visit

What do you think of Keplertek? Are you interested in participating in the ICO? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! 

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