ContentBox: Empowering the Content Creation Industry Through Blockchain Technology

ContentBox delivers a consolidated solution through a prominent, decentralized ecosystem in an attempt to empower the entire digital content industry as a whole. The project is an initiative of CastBox, an award-winning global podcast platform, co-founded by Renee Wang – a former Google Employee and backed by Bo Shen – a legendary blockchain investor.

Digital Content – The Industry That Could

Throughout the last decade, the digital content industry has seen a massive, explosive growth. Those at the forefront are well-known and incredibly powerful digital influences such as Spotify, YouTube, Reddit, and others alike. It’s undeniable that digital content has managed to become an inseparable part of our lives, regardless of whether it’s a matter of video, audio, text, games, and whatnot.

This opens quite a lot of opportunities. People are now more than ever capable and even incentivize to produce valuable, high-quality content, regardless of its nature, and begin yielding its fruits. At least, that’s what it seems like, right?

Yet, the reality tends to deviate quite a bit from the above. The truth is that monetizing on your own content is becoming increasingly challenging. Top tier platforms get paid the big bucks for advertising through the content of their contributors, while the latter receive jack, if anything.

Even when you make it to the point where you’re able to start capitalizing and earning on your content, you’ll quickly find out that the major chunk of the profits goes towards intermediaries.

But it’s not only the content creator that could use a little help. Those major content platforms that we told you about – they also have to compete tremendously for valuable content, driving the cost of advertising through the roof.

In other words – almost everyone is in the same boat. What if this could be somehow changed? What if there was a solution which could miraculously solve all those issues and make everyone happy. Well, what if we told you – there is?

Here Comes ContentBox – Empowering an Entire Industry

Realizing that there is no way to tackle each issue individually as they are all tied together due to the nature of the industry, ContentBox introduces a solution which attempts to disrupt the entire industry and make it a Whole. Lot. Better.

The platform is designated to construct an ecosystem which harnesses the prominence and capabilities of blockchain-based technology and bring you the content industry of tomorrow.

The project aims to deliver three instrumental features:

Everybody Wins, One Step at a Time

In theory, the fully autonomous, decentralized and community-driven open-sourced platform should benefit everyone. This means that advertisers, creators, consumers, distributors, app developers, and everyone involved in the entire field should gain some sort of advantage. And while it sounds amazing, it might be a good idea to take a closer look at the way the platform attempts to achieve this.

The unified payout system is going to allow content creators to get fairly remunerated every time their content is being consumed. The platform will also connect creators directly with the consumer, which is going to streamline transactions and get rid of unnecessary intermediaries.

Which brings us to the next beneficiary – the consumer. They get to receive rewards for their contribution. The next time you share that Facebook post, you might as well get something for it, right? That’s right – sharing content and actively contributing to the community of ContentBox will provide you with means of earning tokens, which you can then spend on content consumption.

Advertisers, believe it or not, can also benefit from the platform. They’d have the chance to tap into in-depth, shared advertisement statistics ledger and they’d be able to pay for the actual viewership. The latter will be entirely automated through smart contracts, removing the room for human error or unwanted skewing of information.

The distribution platforms are also here – they can benefit through the construction of said shared content pools which will severely decrease the cost of IP purchases and traffic acquisition.

A Real Project With Real Values

You’ve probably seen other projects which attempt to revolutionize content distribution before. However, ContentBox has measurable merit behind it. Right off the bat, it’s the lovechild of CastBox – an existing, well-known, award-winning podcast platform co-founded by a popular former Google employee Renee Wang.

Part of the strategic advisory board of the project is no other than Bo Shen – an early Ethereum adopter, founder of Fenbushi capital, and a legendary blockchain investor.

In any case, you can take a closer look at the project on its official website. You can also follow for updates on their Twitter or join the live discussion on their Telegram group. Joining the Telegram discussion is also going to give you 10 points which you can convert into BOX tokens as there is an airdrop undergoing.

Do you think ContentBox has what it takes to empower the digital content industry? Do not hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

Images courtesy of Pixabay, Shutterstock, and ContentBox.

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