Anonymous Bitcoin’s ‘ANON’: Advisor, Whitepaper, Summer Roadmap Unveiled

Together we are ANON.

The ANON team has spent endless hours attending and networking at conferences from Miami to New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, with Tokyo, Seoul, and Paris still remaining this summer. The development team has met with developers from the most notorious privacy coins and continues to be ahead of schedule for our September 10th fork date. If they remain ahead of schedule ANON will proudly announce one of the first deadlines in cryptocurrency history that will be moved forward.

Today ANON is excited to share our whitepaper which can be seen on our website:

A few major highlights from our whitepaper include:

Hopefully the Whitepaper impressed you, please provide feedback as we are open to the community and implement much of what we are requested to.

ANON is Proud to Announce Our New Advisor is Ran Neu-Ner, One of Crypto’s Most Influential Individuals, of CNBC Crypto Trader (Twitter: @cryptomanran)

We stumbled upon Mr. Neu-Ner (one of the top 20 influencers in crypto) while attending our first conference in Miami and have since solidified a strong relationship. When the ANON team saw Ran at Consensus he explicitly stated we had no “big news” and was uninterested in a follow-up until we had our whitepaper out or major news. Well a few weeks later in Berlin, Ran saw our Founder discussing ASIC resistance with a ZCL Community dev, right as the whitepaper was being released. Having had multiple positive interactions and having been provided plenty of words of wisdom the ANON team decided Ran was the perfect fit.

His expertise in the crypto field is endless and moving forward we look forward to all the talents and wisdom he can bestow upon the ANON team.  ANON will regularly seek his advice and guidance throughout the course of our future. With advisors like Ran NeuNer and Steven Nerayoff, ANON is positioning itself to become one of the top privacy coins and most publicized projects of the Summer of 2018.

Coming Up This Summer

The month of June and July is still packed with excitement as we bring on new advisors (at least 2, one from Asia and one from Europe) and attend conferences on three continents. The website has been translated into many different languages and now is the time to build the ANON community. ANON’s lead devs will be speaking at colleges across the country from Miami to MIT (yes, that MIT). Stay tuned for more videos of the team transparently showing what it takes to build a cryptocurrency and community from the ground up.

We request the help of the current ANON community members to share the word about ANON!

Please share the whitepaper! Share our videos regarding transparency and conference interviews! Share our CNBC interviews!

It is time to let the world know ANON is a legitimate and transparent fork. Please join our social media channels to find out about updates first:

ANON’s Telegram:

ANON’s Twitter: @ANON_BTC

ANON’s Discord:

ANON’s Reddit:

The ANON team can develop, can travel, can network and spread awareness. However, without the ANON community, we are nothing.

Together we are ANON.

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