AirPod Opens Pre-Sale; Hits Soft Cap Almost Immediately

AirPod – undoubtedly one of the most interesting projects currently in the blockchain space, announced its pre-sale on May 29th, 2018. The team synced the beginning of the event with the project’s presentation in Belgrade’s major crypto event – CryptoKonf 2018, where AirPod was a Diamond Sponsor. In just a couple of days, the project has managed to hit its soft cap!

A Stellar Start!

Despite being live for just a few days, the AirPod pre-sale has already turned to gold. The project has successfully hit its soft cap, allocating more than 35,000,000 tokens with 30% discount!

Grega Mrgole, AirPod’s CEO has more than once expressed his appreciation for the love and support the project’s brilliant community has been giving throughout this entire time.

We appreciate to have such a supportive community. With your help we are going to change the travel experience forever.

Now that the first major milestone has been achieved, it’s time to keep eyes straight on the horizon as the project continues to thrive and reach its further goals.

Mrgole addressed the AirPod community:

Love and gratitude to all our early supporters who believed in us from the very beginning! With your help we took a first step towards the realization of every traveler’s dream! The ICO is already a success. Now it is time to start moving to the final destination — the Hard Cap!

Time is Ticking – Now is the Time to Become a Part of Something Great

AirPod has already become something far more than just a place to relax. Thanks to a team of visionaries, a flawless business model and, of course, a truly dedicated community of supporters, AirPod is quickly turning into one of the most profitable and stable businesses generating passive income.

Going further, despite being tightly connected with the crypto field, the project has worked out a proven way to stay completely immune to bear market and the constant fluctuations of the latter.

Having already hit its first substantial milestone, the project’s entirely unique ecosystem will undoubtedly shape up one of the most lucrative and reliable business opportunities for the regular investor.

What is more, ICO contributors are going to receive twice the amount of tokens they’ve bought in the Sponsorship Program. In other words, if the AirPod price is set at $32,000, an ICO contributor will only pay $16,000 in APOD tokens obtained in the ICO.

Joining the pre-sale now is also going to get you a generous 18% discount, further increasing the value of your investment! Not that it wasn’t already valuable enough without it!

AirPod’s Sponsorship Programs and Its Main Benefits

The AirPod sponsorship program is what enables token holders to begin earning stable and serious passive crypto-income. One year after the launch of the project, or after the 400th AirPod capsule has been installed, the Sponsorship Program is going to be announced.

Token holders will instantly be able to exchange their APOD tokens for the right to share in the profits generated from an AirPod unit. Every single participant in the ICO who is holding APOD tokens will get the chance to become a sponsor of the unit of his choice. Based on the amount he decides to invest, he will be able to earn a percentage of the profits which are generated by that unit on a month-over-month basis.

If that sounds like a promising idea, wait until you hear all of it. Here’s why you want to become a part of the sponsorship program:

  1. Earn up to 80% of the Sponsored Unit’s Profits

Once you become a Sponsor of an AirPod, you will be able to earn as much as 80% of all income generated by that unit. And you will receive payouts every single month.

You can choose the unit of your preference, regardless of where it is placed in the world. The profits will be collectible for an indefinite amount of time, turning your initial investor into a permanent string of passive crypto-income which can only grow higher!

  1. Secure Your Future

You will get your “investment” returned in no more than a year. Once this period is through, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the cash flowing in, hence providing you with a stable and safer future.

  1. Recontributing

Understanding the ever-changing field that is the traveling and napping industry, AirPod isn’t locking its contributors into one-off, flat-out deals.

You will be able to re-contribute your profits into becoming a Sponsor of additional AirPod units. This will allow you to increase your earning potential without having to invest additional funds.

  1. Choose the Unit You Like

AirPod will enable its contributors to make well-informed, educated decisions based on their own research. You can choose whichever AirPod unit that you want to sponsor through a user-friendly Decentralized Application (dApp). The system is based on blockchain technology, allowing for complete immutability, as well as transparency over the entire business. You will, at any point in time, be able to view how well or poorly a certain unit is doing.

  1. Trade Parts if You Want to

Once you become a sponsor of a particular unit, you will be able to trade rights with other parties whenever you feel it’s necessary. The DApp will enable liquidity which is otherwise unknown for stationary fields like real estate, for instance. Rest assured that AirPod will make buying rights and, respectively, selling them, particularly seamless.

  1. Earn Passively!

Let’s face it – people will always need to travel! That’s the beauty of AirPod – it has successfully identified a virtually inexhaustible need which is fueling an ecosystem that’s bound to be profitable. The project stands here, providing its contributors with a one-of-a-kind chance to capitalize on this opportunity, making means for a stable, growing, passive crypto-income immune to bear market and fluctuations!

The AirPod’s pre-sale is already catching up to speed. The soft cap has been hit and you might want to hurry up if you want to take advantage of the current 18% discount!

You can join the pre-sale here. Additionally, you can follow the live discussion and ask any project-related questions on the live Telegram group.

Do you think AirPod will revolutionize the travel and relax industry? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

Images courtesy of Pixabay, AirPod

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