6 Key Advantages of Tkeycoin, a Global Leader in Blockchain Based Payment Solutions

Just a year after the launch of the platform Tkeycoin Dao, it became obvious that Russian developers managed to create not just another template cryptocurrency, as many do today, but, in fact, a digital model of the economic system that can bring classic commodity-money relations to a completely new level. Original ideas implemented with the help of non-standard technological solutions make Tkeycoin ideal for mass use in online and offline modes.

Unlike other blockchain projects, Tkeycoin resources can be used by an unlimited number of users located in different parts of the world. The unique functions and tools of Tkeycoin allow you to create your own business projects on the platform, buy and sell goods and services around the world with minimal costs, carry out mutual settlements in any digital currency, and, if necessary, convert it into the currency of any state.

Intelligent synchronization with a variety of existing systems, as well as an extremely high level of protection of transaction processing and stored information, make it possible to use the technology in the banking, financial, public and many other responsible sectors. Experts of the digital industry believe that in the near future Tkeycoin will multiply and expand the potential of not only the cryptocurrency, but also the classical market, as once this was facilitated by the appearance of mobile communication and the Internet.

Advantages Of Tkeycoin

The guarantee of uniqueness of the platform Tkeycoin gives a number of completely new approaches and technological solutions that distinguish it, to some extent, from other similar projects. These include a brand new blockchain, a new cryptographic Protocol, a new cryptocurrency (coin) TCD, a new decentralized platform, new investment tools and many other innovative things. All of this, together, has borne fruit, which millions of people have been looking forward to. Very soon, users of Tkeycoin will be able to use any cryptocurrency in their daily lives, paying them in any shops and restaurants of the world accepting Bank cards, buying tickets for football or plane, betting at a bookmaker or trading securities on the exchange.

Tkeycoin Privacy

The Tkeycoin platform is a new multi-level decentralized network with secure contract technology, through which each user can contact any other user directly. The absence of center nodes and intermediaries completely eliminates the system risks that may arise for the user due to other network members, minimizes the size of the Commission for transactions. The ability to choose the type of anonymous or public transactions enables contractors to ensure its maximum privacy, confidentiality of personal data, or, on the contrary, to make information available for verification by third parties. Also, Tkeycoin users are given the opportunity to build direct secure payment channels with trusted counterparties (relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.) and transfer funds by them with one click.

Tkeycoin Security

Smart encryption systems Iron Storm Technology, RSA2048, Curve25519 provide absolute security of Tkeycoin transactions. The basis of the Blockchain Protocol has laid down the mathematical theory of Claude Shannon and Alan Turing, the artificial intelligence IBM Watson, the entropy of the random numbers. An important place among the numerous “defenders” of Tkeycoin from fraudsters and hackers is taken by artificial intelligence (DPOSTOAI), self-learning agents of WHICH constantly monitor the truth and integrity of the source code of the SOFTWARE on all user devices of the network.

The unprecedented level of security of the Tkeycoin system allows you to use it not only for secure payment processing, but also for the secure storage of money, documents, and any other information. To confirm the identity of the user initiating a particular operation, digital signatures for Android and iOS applications in the form of a fingerprint (TouchID) or face diagram (FaceID) are introduced in Tkeycoin.

Tkeycoin Scalability

We can say with a high degree of confidence that the blockchain Tkeycoin has no analogues in terms of not only security, but also scalability. To date, none of the existing blockchain systems has solutions for financial settlements that work with contracts and other operations on an “industrial” scale, especially offline, in various sectors of the real economy. The Tkeycoin platform was the first to get rid of the limitations of the “classic” blockchain.

The creators of Tkeycoin have developed and implemented a number of new solutions and plug-ins into the system architecture, allowing it to quickly integrate with any economic entities, state, and corporate markets, and to be used in payment systems. An important point is that integration into the existing infrastructure is carried out with the preservation of the decentralization of the Tkeycoin system so that all its internal and external operations remain anonymous and verified at the same time.

Tkeycoin Speed

Today, Tkeycoin is in the final stage of development and testing of the international payment gateway, the first and only one of its kind in the digital market, which promises to be a real breakthrough, allowing at the time of the financial transaction to make an instant conversion of cryptocurrency into conventional currencies: rubles, dollars, euros, etc.

Due to the high bandwidth of the TBP Protocol (Tkeycoin Blockchain Protocol), the processing speed of the system can reach 500,000 transactions per second, which is twenty times more than that of Visa, while in the once popular Bitcoin system it is only about 10-15 transactions per second. All this, taking into account the absolute security and confidentiality of transactions, the ability of the platform to scale, attracts not only ordinary users, but also serious investors working both in the digital and real sector of the world economy.

Tkeycoin Mobility

Since Tkeycoin Dao was created for modern active business people, users were able to manage their accounts and mobile wallets, as well as to use all the functions and services of the platform, not only from desktop computers, but also from mobile devices. For Android and iOS, special software applications with a powerful toolbar based on the technology of Tkeycoin DAO are developed, with the help of which the user of a mobile device can make secure payments, exchange cryptocurrencies for goods, services, Fiat money.

Available extremely convenient contactless payment by smartphone at the QR or barcode, using the NFC chip. At any time, the application is ready to provide the owner of the mobile device with a detailed report on the completed operations. Trying to go one step ahead of the current trends in the development of the digital economy, the blockchain project Tkeycoin plans to promote its mobile payment technologies in the Asian market. According to the forecasts of authoritative experts of Juniper Research analytical company, the turnover of mobile payments in the Asian market will increase to 47 trillion. dollars and Tkeycoin plans to take its place on it.

Business and mining on Tkeycoin Dao

The Tkeycoin platform is superior to all currently operating projects for the number of tools for organizations and business. Each user of Tkeycoin gets unlimited access to the international marketplace, which unites millions of online stores from all over the world. The number of stores is constantly increasing, they regularly hold promotions, sales, and the quality of any trading platform can be determined by real customer feedback. You can pay for goods on the marketplace with two clicks.

When paying with TCD cryptocurrency, the buyer receives up to 30% of cashback. Any online store owner has the opportunity to delegate it to the marketplace and get access to tens of millions of potential buyers from different countries, accepting payments in cryptocurrency. In addition, users can register on the freelance exchange Tkeycoin and work within the platform as freelancers, developing and promoting business accounts of sellers, receiving a reward for this. Another unique feature of the platform Tkeycoin is that it provides a set of tools for mining cryptocurrency without special equipment. Year of mining increases initially invested Deposit at 81%.

Tkeycoin – Leader in a Global Trend

The boundaries of using cryptocurrency will constantly expand, it is inevitable and irreversible. Tkeycoin takes a leading position in this area, clearly understanding that the first project that will master this, while not occupied by anyone niche, will receive the maximum benefit.

The use of cryptocurrency as a universal means of payment will allow it to firmly establish itself in the market, become available to a wide range of people, and, consequently, its market value will grow, bringing profit to those users who became or will become owners of TCD tokens among the first. Some major analysts argue that the governments of key States have long appreciated the effectiveness of the blockchain, and in fact, the full-scale use of cryptocurrencies is not far off, which means that Tkeycoin deserves your closest attention.

For more information about Tkeycoin, please visit tkeycoin.com. Be sure to follow them on Twitter, Telegram, and Vkontakte to stay up to date with all of the latest news and developments.

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